Oct. 20th, 2010

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Hi all,

This will be a rare post that's in the clear, because I want to cast a wide net, here.

I am in the middle of trying to change someone's mind. Namely, my father. He doesn't believe that privilege exists. Specifically, because there are poor white men, he does not believe that whiteness or maleness gives anyone inherent advantages in our society.

This made me very angry and, after a long ramping-up period, I finally told him so. Last night. Amongst other things that have nothing to do with political debating, but that is neither here nor there. Please send me your best links on any kind of privilege at all or any kind of inequality. Anything is great - essays, videos, maps, etc. Bonus points for anything that shows real hard data.

What I have sent him so far:
Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Things I Don't Have To Think About Today
The Extent of White Class Advantage

I want the best and most convincing stuff I can get a hold of. I can (and will) seek out links, myself, but I know if I go through all the stuff I would have to go through to get the best ones, I will be reduced to a gibbering pile of lefty rage.

My dad is a late-middle-aged person who is almost completely out of touch with current pop culture, so please keep that in mind when sifting your favorites. And please, if you're inclined, pass this request on to interested parties.


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