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Birthdate:May 24
Location:United States of America
I was born far away, a virgin from Virginia. Much has happened since then. These days, I mostly hang around in Somerville (and sometimes Cambridge). I write, create, game and do laundry. Yes, sometimes I do other things, such as lots of book scanning, and hang out with the man and my two cats, Max and Gibson. I also play guitar, video games and sometimes I watch too much TV. Ok, so really, there are lots of things to do. Far too many to mention here. I'm sure they'll all get mentioned on the journal part of this page at some point or other.

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absurdity, alan moore, allison janney, anime, astronomy, atomic books, baking, baltimore, bbc radio 7, big black boots, big damn heros, books, boston, buffy, caffeine, camping, cats, charm city, chocolate, civil liberties, colin firth, comic books, cooking, copy editing, cryptography, curry, david bowie, dirigibles, diy fashion, eddie izzard, extreme badminton, fantasy, feminism, free speech, gaff tape, gaming, geekitude, geeks, gender, gilmore girls, gonzo journalism, graphic novels, guitar, hello kitty, horror, hst, hunter s. thompson, ice cream, independent travel, invader zim, iss, jane austen, john waters, johnny cash, johnny depp, joss whedon, journalism, kilts, knitting, knitting on the bus, larping, lewis carroll, libraries, margaret cho, math, mix cds, motorcycles, music, musical theater, musicals, my ipod, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nick cave, p.j. harvey, participatory democracy, politics, polymorphous perversity, power tools, print journalism, privacy, punk, punks, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, samuel beckett, sci-fi, science fiction, scott mccloud, sequential art, shiny, sleep, space exploration, speculative fiction, spider jerusalem, spin, stand-up comedy, steam punk, suni williams, sushi, swimming, techies, technical theatre, technopolitics, temporary autonomous zones, terry gilliam, the beach at night, tom waits, touring bikes, transmetropolitan, u2, used bookstores, utilikilts, victorian novels, video games, violin, w. h. auden, wanderlust, warren ellis, west wing, writing
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